Danfoss Valve Platform

Large production companies often have an incredibly large product portfolio with an unmanageable amount of products and product variations in order to serve a large number of clients with different demands. Unless the design of new products or product variations are based on basic modules, the production organs in these companies can be incredibly complex and very hard to manage. It is not rare to find that one or more product variations in the catalogue, often produced to fulfil a specific demand for a small client, never break even. This is where the implementation of product platforms can be effective. The design of a product platform can be a powerful tool to help increase the efficiency of production, manage complexity and minimize the time-to-market for products ultimately leading to significant savings.

The Danfoss Valve Platform is a project with the objective of designing a new and simpler product platform for the production of solenoid valves. The starting point for the project was a selection of both industrial and refrigeration valves, currently available in the Danfoss product catalogue.

To get an understanding the extent of the challenge we conducted a market analysis of demands and sales volumes, a mapping of the different parts in a ‘Product Family Master Plan’ and another mapping of the production processes explaining the production of each part, assemblies and subassemblies. Together these mappings revealed weak points that were ripe for improvement.

The new Danfoss solenoid valve platform is based on the insights gained from the analyses. The platform introduces a new and improved design of the valves with a set of basic building blocks from which product variety can be achieved. The new product platform resulted in:

44% reduction of unique parts

20% reduction of production processes

31% increased avg. reuse of available production processes

No numbers were disclosed on number of stocks or production time, but a qualified guess is that both are significantly reduced as well.