Electrolux ‘Tastee’

  • Rendering of my 'Electrolux Tastee' intelligent kitchen utensil concept
  • Presenting my concept to the EDL jury at the final event in Milan, Italy
  • Presenting my concept to the EDL jury at the final event in Milan, Italy
  • A physical mockup of my concept 'Electrolux Tastee'
  • I won 3rd Prize and was also awarded the 'People's Choice Award' for my concept

Electrolux Design Lab is an annual international industrial design competition. Each year Electrolux posts a design brief that challenges participants to develop new innovative concepts for their consumers. In 2012, the 10th edition of the competition, the brief was to design products that would give the users a fuller sensorial experience when using the products. More than 1200 participants from all over the world submitted innovative concepts to the Design Lab jury. I participated with a futuristic concept called ‘Tastee’.

‘Tastee’ is a highly intelligent taste indicator in the form of a kitchen spoon, which, through use of nano taste receptor technology, can taste/analyse the food you are preparing and provide you with suitable recommendations for how to bring out the flavours through various flavour enhancing techniques.

Of the 1200 submissions, only 10 were selected for the finals in Milan, Italy. Based on a combination of conceptual qualities, adherence to brief, user-insights and aesthetics, the jury awarded my concept with the 3rd prize in the overall competition. Other than the 3rd prize award, the concept was also awarded the ‘People’s Choice Award’ based on popularity with the public.