Solar Power Collective

  • Solar Power Collective
  • Graphic visualisation of the SPC service system.
  • User journey visualising signup, installation and setup process
  • SPC service home display visualises consumption for the user
  • Rendering of home display installed and in use
  • UI design for SPC app
  • Home display unit ideation sketches
  • Home display unit ideation sketches

The Solar Power Collective is a product/service system I designed during my semester in Melbourne, Australia. The first part of the project was to research the availability of renewable energy sources in the state of Victoria as well as analyse their utility. Based on the findings from the research, the challenge was to synthesize the insights and conceptualise a solution that would increase the use of the sustainable energy sources.

The Solar Power Collective is a service concept that offers two different, but also coherent services:

  • Leasing service.
  • Monitoring Service

The leasing side of the service is a concept where homeowners are relieved from the significant investment and hassle that is associated with the acquisition of private solar panels. Through the Solar Power Collective it is now possible to lease solar panels in exchange for a monthly fee. This service enables customers to reap the benefits from harvesting free energy from the sun without having to think about installation, general maintenance and repairs, as all of this is taken care of by the Solar Power Collective. The energy from the solar panels can e.g. be used to power domestic water heaters.

The monitoring service focuses on affecting sustainable habits with the introduction of the Solar Power Collective Network (SPCN). SPCN is a social network that utilises principles from behavioural economics, e.g. social norms, and simple visualisations to inform users of their own, as well as their peers’, water consumption habits. The data is gathered using simple sensors and visualised as simple, colourful and engaging information in the SPCN online platform. In order to further increase visibility, small specially designed monitors are mounted next to each water outlet. These monitors provide quick and simple information that increase the understanding of consumption.

The two services from Solar Power Collective fit seamlessly into each other. By combining the two services users will get an increased experience by e.g. better understanding how much influence their use of renewable energies affect their general carbon footprint.