Copenhagen Cup

The Copenhagen Cup is a concept designed to improve the quality, environmental impact and social aspect of drinking coffee on the go. The concept is inspired by the Melbourne lifestyle, where coffee is a significant part of everyday life. In Melbourne you will find an independent café on every corner, each with a perfectly unique vibe, but all with an equal passion for coffee.

There is huge difference in the taste of coffee, which is impacted by the way it is served. The idea for the CPH Cup was born out of the nuisance of having to drink delicious coffee from cheap cardboard cups when on the go. The take away cups do not keep the coffee warm for long and from time to time the coffee takes flavour from the coating on the cups.

The CPH Cup is a simple, beautiful and personal cup designed to make coffee drinking on the go just as enjoyable as drinking the coffee in a café. And it is even more than a cup. The CPH Cup concept also includes a service, which allows users to track their coffee consumption, earn rewards and free coffee.

The design of the CPH Cup is unique. The body is specifically designed to keep coffee warm longer as well as ensure compact and convenient transportation. Thermo effect is achieved using an insulating double wall construction and the compactness comes from a clever two part conical design, which halves the size of the cup when not in use. Both design features dramatically increase efficiency without impacting the aesthetics.

The lid is what gives the CPH Cup its personality as it can be customised in different combinations of colour. Functionally it is designed with an integrated closing mechanism to make sure that any liquid stays in the cup during transportation.